TNKIds Nutrition

The Challenge

On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, 2009, a group of men were cooking turkeys for a dinner to feed the hungry.  As the turkeys were cooking, the conversation turned to how much good was done for the hungry around Thanksgiving and Christmas, but the hunger did not go away on December 26th.  One of the men was aware of several Federal programs which were available to feed children.  Another had knowledge of a local program which could provide food for students.  From that conversation, came the idea for a local non-profit dedicated to the nutritional needs of children.  Discussions continued over the next several months and the first meeting of the TNKids Nutrition Board of Directors was held on August 8, 2010.  The agency was incorporated on August 10 and non-profit status was granted by the IRS on September 10, 2010.

Since that date, TNKids Nutrition has worked tirelessly to identify children in need of nutritious food and to find a solution to that need.

The Solution

TNKids Nutrition helps through their many projects including Backpack Attack.  In the 2014-2015 school year, almost 600 children received assistance through this program, representing over 100,000 meals and snacks!

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