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The Challenge

The City of Springfield, like other small cities, has insufficient resources to accommodate the rising number of homeless and transient individuals who have spilled over from the Nashville Metropolitan area. Often these individuals are present, recovering, or former substance abusers who are unable to secure employment or house themselves because of their additions and deterioration of basic life skills.

Local churches and community organizations are often hard-pressed to assist these persons past a temporary hotel stay or warm meal, and have repeatedly voice the need for adequate housing for these individuals in the form of shelters and temporary housing. Even more important is the need for structured programs and services to assist these individuals to recovery from the time they seek help. Besides GFCAC’s two homes, there is presently only one small shelter, (Secure Haven) in the city of Springfield and Robertson County.



The Solution

We believe that our target population of homeless, substance abusers, and indigent persons must be reached in the shortest period of time with a comprehensive and carefully executed program to secure shelters, provide education and build community support. The need for this kind of effort is extremely urgent.

The economic and social costs of such a large number of homeless and substance abusers in our community will be disastrous.  With this project, we will secure more shelters and design outreach services to address these problems and make them available to all segments of the Springfield community, especially targeting the areas in the community most populated by these individuals.

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